Vikings News · Viking XC #Commitment

This morning our Viking Cross Country runners showed up to do what records are made for…to be broken. We competed at the Pflugerville XC Invitational where 10 of our girls ran the 2-mile race with the determination to get their names up on the Lanier top 10 Record. Miriam Cruz, Elisabeth Barrientos, Angie Miranda, Janie Nieto were able to achieve that with grit and lots of sacrifice on the course. Right behind them were Mayra Figueroa, Ivonne Abelar, Paoli Nepomuceno, Anna Lopez, Zulli Leyva, and Farah Lodro who all ran a great race.

Meanwhile, the boys competed in the 5K race with the same goal in mind. Ruben Ruiz, Martin Contreras, Jesus Ortiz ran a phenomenal race and are relentlessly working their way to the top right behind Luis Lopez who still holds Lanier’s record. Our newcomer, Brayan Bernal is at #8, only one minute away from Lopez’s PR and was also able to beat his PR this morning by a minute. The best PR of the race was Freshman, Caleb Hinojos’ who was able to beat his time by 5 minutes. Jose Julian Torres hurt his ankle in the middle of the race but refused to quit. They say that when your legs can’t take it anymore, to run with your heart and that’s exactly what he did. He was able beat his time by 2 minutes.

Overall, this morning’s competition made it evident that their commitment to Cross Country is paying off one mile at a time. Viking Cross Country does not chase dreams. We run them down!