Coed Varsity Cross Country · The Unstoppable XC Viking Heart

“Thank you for giving me a family. I promise I will make it up to you and make you proud” –Captain, Cho Maung.

The Cross country season is officially over for our Viking runners and although we are sad, our student athletes are feeling proud for their unbreakable bond.

Our season went from having 3 runners in the summer to 40 kids being part of the team in the end. It was amazing to see the running spirit become a contagious thing, and because of that, the future of Viking Cross Country looks promising.

Our seniors Zuleyma Reyes, Cristian Nieto, Yulissa Jaimes, Karol Mateo, Derick Cazares, Miguel Pantoja, Sarai Soch, and Leslie Villagran all showed great leadership in the team. They will be dearly missed, but with a huge smile in our faces and with our hearts filled, we say goodbye, certain that with their UNSTOPPABLE VIKING HEARTS, they will go far beyond a 5K.

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